About TechForce

Based in Greenville, South Carolina, TechForce is the combined effort of Tyler Turner and Robert Smith. TechForce is more of an evolution really. What began as a part time company (Tyler the Computer Guy), has grown into the full-time IT Solutions Provider you see today. TechForce was formed in November of 2014, when Robert partnered with Tyler, to help him take what he started to the next level. Their partnership was a logical fit, as they share similar beliefs when it comes to work ethic and how you, the client, should be treated. 

TechForce specializes in all forms of PC and Apple repair, network engineering, management and repair, preventative maintenance and remote monitoring, as well as phone, email, and remote desktop support. One of their core beliefs is that all technical problems have solutions. The key to a successful resolution for their clients is finding the most efficient and economical answer to their problems, all while providing the best customer service possible.

The Upstate area has many choices for computer repair. What sets TechForce apart is their goal to make the process painless and productive for you the client, while doing so with competitive, affordable rates. TechForce implements a very unique ticketing and repair tracking system, that keeps their clients in the loop through each step of the way. All clients receive access to their own personalized portal, to monitor progress of current jobs, easily submit questions or new tickets, and search the history of their prior jobs. Often times, that history will show clients patterns with computer issues that they might not have otherwise easily identified. That, in turn, can aid in preventing future problems, thus saving them time and money. 

When you're faced with critical computer problems, let TechForce work for you.