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Lightning is Powerful

That was a nice storm we had over the weekend. Here is some damage we ran into today. A lightning strike came in over the cable internet coax connection and fried the firewall, part of a switch, a phone and a few network cards. It looked like the electricity arced from the network card to the USB header pins on the motherboard on its way to ground via the power supply case. Some of the USB header pins are melted.

eero WIFI works

We had an opportunity to help one of our clients install a new eero home wireless system in their home.  Installation was a breeze, and is done from an app on your phone.  So far initial comments from our client is that "Eero is working great….we are thrilled…so far have had no issues and great speeds.  Watched a rental movie for the first time last weekend without any buffering.

Microsoft Support Scam Warning

Several of our clients have received a call from scam artists trying to access their computers.  The callers usually call from a blocked or anonymous number and claim to be from Microsoft, or another company like MSN.  There are variations of this scam including:

  • We have received notification that someone is trying to access (hack/attack) your computer right now
  • We have received notification that your computer has a virus and is causing problems.

Escape from iMessage

Have you switched from an iPhone to something else?  If so, you probably aren't receiving all your text messages if you previously used iMessage.  There is good news, Apple finally announced a fix for this issue.  You can go to Apple's deregister iMessage page and follow the instructions.  Apple has known about this issue for a while, but finally released a tool to allow former users to finally fix it.

Hard Drive Video

I understand that not everyone understands how a hard drive works, and what goes wrong.  I made two video's to show the internals.  The basic operation of a hard drive is similar to how a record player operates (an old analogy I know).  The read arm should be parked off the platters when the hard drive has no power.  When the hard drive receives power and the platters spin up to full speed, the read arm should extend over the platters to read the data from the hard drive.