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TechForce Support Suite is a complete monitoring and automatic maintenance suite we provide as a proactive maintenance service.  We will actively monitor your computer health, storage usage, antivirus status,and security vulnerabilities.  This service includes weekly automatic maintenance to optimize your system and keep your software up to date.  Also included is our web security filter, which will block known threat websites.  Optionally we can setup content filtering to block access to specific websites or categories like social networks or adult content.  At your request we can send you daily, weekly or monthly reports from our monitoring service.  All of these features cost only $5/computer/month.  Not all features work on Mac and Linux computers.

For most clients who use our Support Suite, we recommend installation of our remote access software. This software allows us to securely connect to your computer for quick service if an issue is detected or to perform off hours maintenance.

We also have the ability to monitor and manage iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices.  Call and SMS history, data usage, device information and more.  Remote lock  and remote wipe commands can be sent to the mobile device with this service.  Mobile Device Management costs $2/device/month.





  • Email us with Windows Error Events, including detected hard drive errors.
  • Weekly maintenance routine that includes:
    • Deleting temp files
    • Defragmenting hard drive
    • Backup Registry and create system restore point
    • Run Antivirus/Antimalware scan
    • Run auto patch program to update common free programs.