eero WIFI works

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We had an opportunity to help one of our clients install a new eero home wireless system in their home.  Installation was a breeze, and is done from an app on your phone.  So far initial comments from our client is that "Eero is working great….we are thrilled…so far have had no issues and great speeds.  Watched a rental movie for the first time last weekend without any buffering.  A milestone!!"  Engadget and the Wall Street Journal also gave eero great reviews.  Since eero has just been released, there are no long term usage reviews.

eero works best when you purchase several of the devices, which is why they sell a three pack.  Each eero device connects to each other, creating a wireless mesh network.  If an eero device is disconnected, the other devices continue to communicate as long as the wireless signal is strong enough.

eero devices are a bit on the expensive side.  A single unit is $199, and the three pack is $499.  If you have a larger home, and have been struggling with wireless signal issues eero might be the solution for you.  We will continue to watch eero reviews, and it might be a solution we recommend.